Windshield Repair Cost

Replacing a WindshieldWindshield is a very important aspect of your vehicle, because it serves as an ornamental and security features on the car. However, it can easily be a cause of danger when a damaged windshield and obstruct your vision when traveling. So, if you are a car owner, you need to know everything about the costs and make the best decisions about repair and windshield replacement.

How to find the right Auto Glass Shop?
There are many ways to find the best auto glass shop. You can search online, obtain information from family and friends or see a list of a newspaper. From all of this, looking online is the fastest and most convenient method. You can visit the website of the existing windshield and read reviews about the store.

In addition, you can also visit some of the local shops in the area itself so that you can ask personal questions and you will have a clearer idea of how their ability to help you.

Once you narrow down your choices, you can come up with to bring questions, such as how they will fix your windshield, they would kind of adhesive they use or the quality of their resin material that will be used on your windshield in the repair.

In addition, you should also ask about the training, experience and qualifications of the technician who will perform the auto glass repair job for you. Most importantly, you need to ask how much their services cost and how long it takes to finish the job. In fact, professional auto glass shop will give you all the information without you even asking them.

Windshield Repair or Replacement
Many people are confused between repair and replacement. In essence, a simple damage such as chips or cracks that are less than 3 inches can be repaired. The price of windshield replacement is between $20 and $60. A mobile service is approximately $55.

Cracked Windshield

Crack size will also determine the cost. Chips or cracks to foot length will cost $50 to $60 to repair. They chip and crack is between one and two feet long would cost $60 to $70 to repair.

However, when it becomes severe, you need to replace it. Also, the damage in the critical vision area cannot be fixed so it does not matter how small anything, then the replacement glass is the only solution. Glass replacement cost is more expensive than repair. For once reimbursement, cost an average of $ 300 for all types of vehicles. Window replacement is necessary when the gap exceeds 24 inches long, or too large to be repaired safely by the workshop.

Much like with car tire alignment, windshield replacement may have additional charges, depending on the type of vehicle. Such as: Passenger vehicle glass replacement $157 to $324, Sport utility vehicle glass replacement $164 to $290, Pickup truck glass replacement $164 to $310, $174 replacement glass minivan to $294. Special printing requirements will add up $20 for the cost of repairs. If you have a windshield wiper installed, it will generate $10 to $20 another increase in the cost of repairs.

Your windshield is an important aspect so make sure it remains in good condition and free of damage. Consult with auto glass shop or auto repair professionals who can provide exceptional service.


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